About Us

Grunwald Haus German Shepherds is located in beautiful New England, a close drive from Boston, Hartford or New York City. Grunwald Haus German Shepherd Dogs is family owned and operated. Our family has been raising, training and showing Champion German Shepherds since 1997. Our goal is to create the ultimate dogs that  are healthy, beautiful and have sound temperaments. Our German Shepherd Dogs have proven to be well suited for families, work or show competitions.

Many aspiring Long Coat German Shepherd “breeders” claim to be the best and that their dogs are suitable for any venue. We very easily dismiss these types of claims with a proven track record of our dogs. So, don’t believe these type of false announcements as anyone, “backyard breeders” included, can state that their dogs are great. Proving it, however, like we have done in the past, time after time, that our dogs and their outstanding qualities have been judged to be the best in regional, national and international competitions is something entirely different. The accomplishments of our Long Coat German Shepherd Dogs can not be matched by any other German Shepherd breeder in North America. Grunwald Haus German Shepherd Dogs have received more awards and top placements at both National and Regional Shows throughout North America than all other Long Coat German Shepherd breeders combined. Grunwald Haus German Shepherd Dogs is the single most accomplished German Shepherd breeder in Long Coat German Shepherd Dog placements to date. Please review our “Accomplishments” page to see that since late 2011 our dogs have received more than 100 First Place Awards at both National and Regional shows. Our dogs have also been featured in many publications, television and film. Please view the following link from CBS8 news:


In 2013 Grunwald Haus was awarded two very special merits. Our male Stock Coat German Shepherd, Yoyo was Sieger at the Cyprus Sieger Show and we received Best American Bred Award at the 2013 USA Sieger Show for Glock Q vom Grunwald Haus. The USA Sieger Show is one of only 2 most prestigious German Shepherd Dog Shows in the USA.

All of our dogs are purebred West-German Showline German Shepherds that come from Champion European stock.  We have worked hard studying Long Coat German Shepherd Dogs, also called Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs, their pedigrees, health, temperaments, and accomplishments of parents and grandparents to ensure, we can breed at least the same if not better, and offer you THE BEST possible Grunwald Haus Long Coated German Shepherd Dogs here in the United States.

We invite you to come visit and meet our family and our wonderful dogs. We are sure you will enjoy both our dogs and your visit. Thank you for visiting our website, we welcome you to come back again for updates on our available German Shepherd puppies and dogs, as well as news and new photos of our Long Coat German Shepherd Dogs.

Grunwald Haus does not sell puppies for breeding unless specifically stated so in writing. UKC registration will be provided upon proof of spaying or neutering.